Saturday, 1 June 2013

Olim Dives Launches Virtual Stock Trading Social Network

The Olim Dives virtual stock trading network ties the online investment scene with friendly competitive stock trading. So, it’s time for me to get schooled. And you, too.

Olim Dives is the cooler, more fun way to trade stocks online. How? Well, my friend, the platform allows you to earn virtual money to use towards the site’s annual Dive Madness Investment Bracket Challenge Tournament (or for short, Dive Madness). The tournament has over $15,000 in money and prizes available which should drive up your competitive internet stock trading spirit!

The name of the stock market game here is to win virtual cash, and Olim Dives provides several ways to do it, including:

Blog posts – Post an investment blog to the site, promote it and get $.25 for every rating star. The better it is, the more votes you get.
Network Connections – This is a big earner. Get $100 for every connection you gain with another member.
Trades – Buy and sell stocks with your virtual cash and earn your way to the Gold and Silver Madness Tournament tiers. Sounds sweet.
Challenges – This is where you can get a little competitive with your friends. you can challenge other “Diver’s” to play stock games like the $10K single day competition and stake up to $5k.
Badges – We all know the exhilaration of getting badges. Complete stages of achievement and earn your way into the Silver Dive Madness Tournament.

If you know what March Madness is, you’ll get the idea. 64 company stocks are picked out to contend for 6 weeks to see who has the greatest performing stock. Each company is assessed at the end of each week to see who had the superior percentage stock price gain. The tournament is spread down to 3 tiers, Gold, Silver and Green, with each level collecting unique prizes.

So, all you combative stock trading characters, my advice is you head over to the Olim Dives investment network, register (for free!) and start earning some virtual cash that could ultimately earn you some real cash. And, real cash is what we all need more of, right? I might even begin trading stocks on Olim Dives. It’ll give me some training for when I’m killing it on Wall Street. Yeah, not going to happen.

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